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08 June 2012



Your words ring true. I find if I get up too quickly after a "splot", I haven't worked through it and the "splot" taps me on the shoulder again. I was on the Unravelling 2 e-course last Sept and found my way to your blog via a comment of yours on another blog - One Rare Bird set off a light bulb in my head and I thought I know that name from the group Flickr page - so hello to you and congratualtions on your brilliant blog, your words are inspiring, thank you for the quotes.

One Rare Bird

Thanks Helen :) I'm glad to know it's not just me! It's so great to reconnect with you - how wonderful that we can find our way back to fellow Unravelers! xo


wait... why even take stats in the first place? Creative people dont do stats. We are visual learners. Give us lines and symmetry and a photo, not some stupid stat about a baseball game, who gives a shit! anyway regardless of stats your still pretty bad ass. just and FYI! xoxoxoxo

One Rare Bird

I know, right?! I'm not sure what I was thinking except that I want to go back to school, finish my degree, yadda, yadda...but this is definitely the sort of thing that had prevented me from finishing in the first place!

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