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04 January 2011


Celina Wyss

Ahh She-Ra was the best! I think I had every single one of those toys too! Can you believe Smurfs is back now too? So odd to have things come full circle again. If only She-Ra would come back....

One Rare Bird

iiii know! I love love loved She-Ra. I'm sure we would have been fast friends as kids :)

There's a link to the dvd boxed set of season 1 on another post I did about She-Ra. I've been indoctrinating my kids ever since I bought it!



OMG! I stumbled on your blog by accident looking for pics of garbage pail kids - I had forgotten all about sweet secrets and the hugga bunch. I was totally obsessed with both as a kid...and I had that exact Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and remember fightening with my older brother to use his lightbright.

The memories you jus tbrought back!

One Rare Bird

Ha ha, I know! Just doing this post had my heart racing faster from the excitement of my memories. I love love loved my hug-a-bunch doll with her baby and the sweet secrets. I'm swooning again now!

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you stumbled across my little corner of the blog-o-sphere :)


Very cool! I totally forgot about the Snoopy snocone machine I used to use until I stumbled on your blog! Thanks!

One Rare Bird

I think you can still buy them too - in case you want to re-live the awesomeness of the Snoopy Snow Cone machine :)

Mary Anne

I am looking for the name of a doll. It had a firm body made of foam. With nylon for the face. They kind of looked like Ice Cream Dolls but they had a firm body, mine was in a sitting position. They had yarn hair. Mine was a boy with a cap and red cord overalls. You could get them musical too and their heads would tilt to the music. Any ideas?


Oh. My. Goodness. I played with so many of these toys as a kid. I had forgotten about some of them. Thanks for bringing back so many good memories!

One Rare Bird

I'm happy to hear I could help bring back so many good memories! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Jennifer Karen O'Hara

What a wonderful tribute to the memories of our generation. Well done. It is something that connects all of us together, it is unifying - memories of the past. Such a warm & fuzzy feeling I get when I look at these things. They were what saved me from the yuckieness of growing up. They were my escape as a kid. I loved every minute of them all. Thank you for a well written, well pictured, walk down memory lane that still makes me feel safe. Wishing you a days of the soft sun upon your faces. Cheers to our genration!
God Bless the USA! God Bless you!
Hugs, ♥ Jennifer Karen O'Hara


Prettiest stuffs! Your post make me nostalgic and remind my happening and sweetest childhood what I miss very much and I think I'll do it till my end because it was truly awesome part of life. Good luck for your daughter and thanks for help to recall those lovely moments.
Popcorn machines


You nailed it!

One Rare Bird

Thanks! :)

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