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19 January 2011


fabia d

this is a very nice house.. good luck for this new adventure


Let me know when you guys need help moving stuff.


I have often admired this house! On High Street, right? I think I saw a For Rent sign and kinda drooled over it. Best of all, if I'm not mistaken, you will be near Bush Park AND the hospital :)

One Rare Bird

Thank you Fabia! I plan on sharing more about it with out little group :)

One Rare Bird

Lance, be careful what you offer, we're likely to take you up on it! Thank you :)

One Rare Bird

Jessica, that's the one! We're really excited about the location, and you have an open invitation to take advantage :)

Celina Wyss

It looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the inside. Good luck with the move!

One Rare Bird


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