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27 October 2010


Molly - Vivi Dot

So much cute stuff! My sister gave me the same wine glasses which I love and the tins remind me of my Mom's kitchen growing up. She kept loose tea leaves in one and used another for storing cookies. If I ran into any of those tins while thrifting I'd definitely snatch them up too! Now I'm on a hunt :)

Jessica McElravy

Glad I could inspire you :) I'd love to hear what you hunt down!


I have to say that you've inspired me to buy something at an antique store today - a porcelain white hand to hold my funky rings! I love it, and it reminded me of you and your beautiful collections. I love colour too, and love vintage old things. Snooping around thrift stores and antique shops is a favourite pastime of mine. Too bad we don't live closer! I also love your idea of curating your own house and surrounding yourself with the things you love. Sounds energizing. AND I love Anne Lamott - I'm reading a book of hers right now: Plan B. Lovely to read your blog!


Thank you dearly deary :)

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